100% NAFDAC Certified Natural Essential Oils

The priority of Tunu Oils is to assure the durability of natural resources through the cultivation and purchase of certified organic cosmetic and cooking oils.

About Tunu Oils

Virgin Coconut Oil Mix (Cooking oil) - 500ml

Tunu Oils are essential oils produced by LizGold Global International Limited. We produce Traditional Cold-Pressed, and machine pressed essential oils that are 100% natural, unrefined, and pure for food and cosmetic purposes. Our oils are extracted from fruits, roots, and vegetables through natural processes, without adding any chemical or synthetic substances.

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We are Organic and Natural

Tunu Carrot Essential Oil
Carrot Essential oils

Carrot roots contain Beta Carotene, which is a Powerful antioxidant with anti-aging properties in it. The same compound that gives carrots that bright orange hue, Antioxidants repair cells and tissues in your body which have been damaged by free radicals Cell regeneration occurs, meaning that healthier cells will rise to the service giving off a youthful glow for both your hair and skin.

Coconut Essential oils

Our traditional cold-Pressed Coconut Oil is a friendly ingredient for beauty lovers who do not want to invest in chemical products. You can use Tunu cold-pressed virgin coconut oil as a base for many beauty recipes. To make a body scrub, take cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, a little amount of sugar, and a few drops of vanilla extract. Mix all three ingredients together to form the body scrub.

Virgin Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair - 250ml
Lemon Essential Oils

Lemon essential oil is a completely natural ingredient that also serves as a home health remedy. Lemon essential oil can ease morning sickness symptoms for pregnant women. Our lemon essential oil can make your skin healthier by killing harmful bacteria that can grow on your skin, and is effective in treating and preventing acne breakouts.

Customers Love Our Products

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Kenneth Ben.

Tunu Coconut Essential Oil

Nice concentrated coconut essential oil. Offers a wonderful scent with just a few drops. I believe it's more of a fragrance oil but it's listed as essential. I love ❤️ it all the same.

Eric and Vanessa

Tunu Carrot Essential Oil

This is a great oil. One of the best I have used so far. It lasts and you can smell the carrot and it doesn't lose strength. Works great for my skin, I am going to try other formulation like the coconut soon.

Adaora L.

Tunu Lemon Essential Oil

I am a huge lover of essential oils. For my personal preferences and usage, Lemon essential oil is one of my most often used oils. The peppermint oil I received from Tunu Oils has been top notch.

Our Lemon Oil Benefits

Powerful antifungal properties that can help in treating skin overgrowths.

Effective against fungi that cause athlete’s foot, thrush, and yeast infections

Lemon can ease morning sickness symptoms for pregnant women

Can make your skin healthier by killing harmful bacteria that can grow.

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Are all products on Tunu oils website genuine?

Yes. We are committed to offering our customers only 100% genuine and original products. Please contact us here if you think our products do not meet our proposed standards.

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You can start by clicking on a category name from the category menu on the left side of the website. This shows all the products we have within that category. If you know what you are looking for, just type the name of the product or brand in our search bar at the top of the page and click Search. Click here to find out more.

How quickly can I get my order?

We do our best to get your orders delivered by the date listed on the product page. You can find more information about our delivery timelines here.

How do I pay on Tunu OIls website?

You can choose from the different payment methods available on Tunu Oils website. Please find below the list of available payment methods:

  • Pay on Delivery (easy and simple at your doorstep)
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How do I pay with my Debit/credit card?

At the end of the checkout choose Credit / Debit Card as your preferred payment option and follow the steps after confirming your purchase. Make sure that your bank activated your Credit Card for online payments. Please note that Tunu Oils provides the utmost security on your payments. Click here to find out more

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There are lots of benefits in these essential oils, and we are here to assist and guide you in getting these products in their natural state, without any form of chemicals or adulteration.

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