About Us

The Company (Tunu Oils)

Tunu Oils are essential oils produced by LizGold Global International Limited. We produce Traditional Cold-Pressed, and machine pressed essential oils that are 100% natural, unrefined,

and pure for food and cosmetic purposes. Our oils are extracted from fruits, roots, and vegetables through natural processes, without adding any chemical or synthetic substances. We consume too many processed and unnatural products around the world in recent times, that these days, we hear and see a lot of individuals, even little kids having one strange ailment or the other.

Parents no longer have time to prepare the kind of meals we ate while we were growing up that kept us healthy, strong, and intelligent. We seem to have thrown all natural given herbs, roots, fruits, and food items that can improve our health without stress away and replaced them with processed ones.

There are lots of benefits in these essential oils, and we are here to assist and guide you in getting these products in their natural state, without any form of chemicals or adulteration.

100% traditionally cold-pressed oils

Tunu oils are made from completely natural ingredients that also serves as a home, skin and health hair remedy. We deliver to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria.